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It’s been, what, months since we’ve had an Ann Althouse Me-Me-Me Eruption, but I guess it was inevitable when she placed 4th (not even winning the bronze!) in Kevin Drum’s Golden Wingnut awards. Today we get:

Is Kevin Drum a Clinton sycophant?

Which I initially took to mean that Kevin was somehow caught thrusting his firm impudent breasts out in a slatternly manner while posing with either the ex-President Clinton or the next-President Clinton. Now I’ve met Kevin several times and I don’t remember him having much in the sweater puppy department: he’s at best an A-cup, not even close to underwire territory. No, it’s just Ann writing about Kevin, but really writing about…Ann:

Anyway, I didn’t look around long enough to tell if he writes in support of Hillary Clinton, which is something I wanted to do because he identified an anti-Clinton post of mine as a nominee for what he called — with pedestrian humor — “the Golden Wingnut Award.” I understand that I ruffled some feathers with that harshly satirical post that took aim at Bill Clinton and a feminist who festoons her blog with images of breasts. You can hate that post all you want, but there’s nothing right wing about it. If it’s any wing, it’s left.


Wanking and outflanking. If I had time, I’d write a poem.

But I don’t have time. Not to write a poem and not to solve the mystery of whether Drum is on my case in service to the Clintons.


I just searched for all my old posts with the name “Kevin Drum” so I could add a “Kevin Drum” tag, and I see that the very first time I ever mentioned his name on this blog was noting that he’d just called me a wingnut. Let’s take a closer look at my first encounter with Kevin Drum, detector of wingnuts.

…and she found one:

Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly somehow saw fit to launch into an attack, calling me a “wingnut” and delivering an irrelevant lecture about how newspaper headlines are written and websites updated. You certainly can’t tell from reading his garbled post that I was writing about changing the headline on the same article and changing it to something that did not fit the article. I’ve exchanged some emails with Drum, who has an elaborate justification for putting an inappropriate headline on one article so that the whole mix of headlines on the main page that day would not be excessively positive.


But I have much more of a problem with Drum, who — despite his lecture about how websites can be frequently updated — has not seen fit to update his post and make it clear that he misrepresented my post. Frankly, he owes me a public apology, on his website, for calling me a wingnut and for ridiculing me based on his own misreading (or deliberate misrepresentation).

Ann has that “misreading” problem a lot with other people.

By the end of the post, including the update, we don’t really know if Kevin Drum is a sycophant for Clinton. But we do see that Ann Althouse has herself entered the Althouse Vortex which is like a black hole only a lot more banal.

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