Busting through the bottom of the barrel

I’m not sure what type of compulsion compels people on the right to keep claiming that all is well when it comes to global warming. Maybe if Victor Davis Cloud Bringer Hanson were to write a column about how the weather seemed so much nicer during the Peloponnesian War, they would collectively nod their heads and then try to blame it on Islamoweatherwarriors or gay abortions or something.

Now, in their neverending crusade to make it all about librul scientists, they turn to John Coleman, the man who “created” the Weather Channel, only to find himself playing weeknight weatherman on a third-tier San Diego TV station known for Good Morning San Diego and the Prep Pigskin Report:

“It is the Greatest Scam in History”

So says John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, as he discusses global warming. He is not kind to global warming advocates, some of which preached the horrors of the impending ice ages of global cooling just several decades ago with the same cocksure fanaticism.

I mean…really. You really want to hang your hat on John Coleman ? Sure, he “founded” the Weather Channel, but I’m not sure that he is qualified to give testimony on global climate change any more than Steve Brill is qualified to be Chief Justice on the Supreme Court.

Now if you want to know if it’s going to sunny and warm in San Diego… he’s your man. As is anyone else who lives here.

Meanwhile, Sonny Perdue knows how to fix stuff.

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