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Thompson's matchlight in the belly

Even Fred Thompson doubts he'll be president. Gotta love this one. What will the Freepers say? They hang on every word uttered out of the Law & Order actor's mouth because he's the “real Reagan Republican” and the savior of conservative values. To Fred it's beginning to sound like running for prez is an extended performance he's already wearying of.

Trying to encourage his studio to hurry up so an interview could start, Carl Cameron of Fox News said into his microphone: “The next president of the United States has a schedule to keep.” Standing beside him, a deadpan Mr Thompson interjected: “And so do I.”
As some Thompson aides looked bemused and others cringed, a taken-aback Mr Cameron, Fox's chief political correspondent, exclaimed: “You can't do that kind of stuff!”

…Having entered the 2008 contest in September, more than six months after all his rivals, Mr Thompson, 65, has kept a light schedule, delivered rambling speeches and shown little fondness for the glad-handing and back-slapping that is the very stuff of US politics.

…During a 20-minute, meandering speech, Mr Thompson – who has long been accused of being lazy – joked about rearranging his campaign schedule the previous evening so he could watch the New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts football game on television.

He was visiting New Hampshire yesterday for just the third time despite having said two months before that he would appear there “early and often”.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding