The banner headline of this article comes as no surprise: “Pat Robertson Backs Giuliani.”

Professing “Bible-believing Christians” who are rabidly homophobic betray their true colors when they endorse given politicians for office.  This is particularly the case when that office is President of the United States!

Here we have Rudy Giuliani, having multiple marriages under his belt (pardon the expression); who had a blatant affair with a woman while he was still married; who dressed in drag on one or more occasions; who stayed with a Gay couple after one of his divorces, and who now betrays them by condemning Gay people, who is being endorsed by a professing Christian.

When you scratch the surface just a little bit, we see that those professing Christians who identify “Christianity” with jingoism, Americanism, Capitalism, and homophobia are just mere reactionaries who have carried their hate to the other side of the street in the form of speaking from pulpits, and/or speaking from their own TV or assorted radio stations.

How can Christianity have any credibility with any decent, sensitive, or intelligent human being when Christians allow Christianity’s identification with hateful and/or unChristian values to be met by mere silence?  When are Christians worthy of the name going to stand up and say, “Enough is enough? You don’t speak for me or for any person who truly seeks to follow Christ?”

What the professing Christian homophobes do is both destructive to countless numbers of people and their families; destructive to the United States itself; destructive to Christians and to Christianity.

I very rarely talk about the Devil, but I’m under no illusion that its representatives, its spokespeople, occupy the major institutions of this and other countries, particularly within the institutional Church.  And it’s high time that that fact was acknowledged and confronted both by Christians worthy of the name, and by decent people everywhere.

As I’ve so often written, LGBT people are the canaries in the mine shaft!  Their treatment by assorted religious leaders and politicians is a warning to all of us that we could easily be the next ones to be in their crosshairs! 

Therefore, we are to fight for full and equal civil rights for LGBT people, not only because it’s the right thing to do, because it’s commanded us by Jesus to love and embrace others, but also because if we don’t fight for their rights, there will be fewer people to fight for our rights when they are systematically taken from us, as is now occurring, and as can be seen in this very important article.

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Jerry Maneker

Jerry Maneker