BREAKING: Frank Simon and AFA-KY linked to robocalling–your help needed!

Yesterday, I reported–and today, so has Papa Kos–on a series of robocalls falsely claiming to be from the KY Fairness Coalition.

Yesterday, I noted how the calls are likely from one of two groups linked to notorious hatemonger Frank Simon–American Family Association of Kentucky and Freedom's Heritage Forum–and to the church he is deacon of (and which I am escapee from), who are brothers in arms with the virulently anti-LGBT and Holocaust-revisionist “Watchmen On The Walls”–right down to quoting from and promoting “The Pink Swastika”.

Today, more info has turned up that brings further light towards Frank Simon's goon squad being the source of the robocalling–and again, assistance from the community is requested in confirming the source.BlueGrassRoots has been doing a lot of the scut-work in tracing the sources of the calls, and I've been giving my own assistance where I can.  Among other things, they were one of the first groups that had recordings and transcripts of the spoofed robocalls.

Today, BlueGrassRoots has provided even more damning info pointing to Simon's involvement:

And the latest on the ILLEGAL robocalls sent out yesterday:

To update the robocall story from yesterday: We’re close to determining the source of the calls. And contrary to what Kentucky Registry of Election Finance has unfortunately told some people, it is illegal not to have a disclaimer on electronic advertisements. That includes telephone calls advocating the election or defeat of a candidate. Cite: KRS 121.190(1); 32 KAR 2:110. We remind the culprits that they’re required to file their independent expenditure with the KREF.

So its either looking like Simon is responsible or another sleazeball whose name is being thrown about. More on this coming soon, hopefully tonight. (I'm liveblogging the Frankfort election party, stay tuned tonight)

The site also provides a link to a PageOne Kentucky article noting even more damning evidence:

Frank Simon (you know him from equating libraries and gays with the anti-christ) and Rev. Jerry Stephenson (you may know him from his gay-hating radio show) of Midwest Church of Christ are the two men behind ads airing on WLLV and WGTK radio in Louisville’s west end. The ads include a dialog between two gentlemen discussing Steve Beshear’s terrifying support of the gays. The ad directs listeners to just as the misleading robocalls did yesterday.

Joe Gerth has the scoop.

The Rev. Jerry Stephenson, chairman of the Values Coalition U.S.A., said his organization was part of a group that aired a radio advertisement over the weekend and yesterday that pointed out C-FAIR’s endorsement of Beshear.

The group, African Americans for Morality & Justice, was airing the ad on urban-format radio stations in Louisville and a conservative talk radio station. According to Greg Kramer, an advertising manager at WGTK radio in Louisville, conservative activist Frank Simon’s name also appears on paperwork relating to the ad.

. . .

“We live in the United States of America, and a person has a right to practice homosexuality if that’s what they choose to do,” he said. “The problem is the homosexual community is attacking our faith community.”

To be honest, I called this yesterday.  The fact that radio adverts with almost identical content (running on WLLV–which does mostly a gospel and radio televangelist format–and WGTK (which is a pro-neocon talk radio station) seem to have been on the air neatly sews this up, among other things.

As far as the robocalls go, they have multiple hallmarks of being from Freedom's Heritage Forum:

a) Freedom's Heritage Forum has a history of “queer smear” robocalls dating far back (as well as a history of astroturfed calls to media).

b) Freedom's Heritage Forum has a history dating back to the 1980s of explicit “queer smears” against Democratic candidates, as well as in fighting Fairness ordinances in the state.

c) Upon personal review, the voice even sounds like previous Freedom's Heritage Forum calls–indicating the voice may be from Frank Simon himself. (More on this below.)

d) The call uses a number of rather explicit terms that have, to my knowledge, been used primarily in AFA-KY and Freedom's Heritage Forum anti-LGBT literature:

   1. The use of the term “homosexual” rather than “gay”; in fact, in Freedom's Heritage Forum literature, this is typically capitalised.

   2. The use of the term “homosexual lobby” to refer to CFAIR, the 501(c)4 wing of the Fairness Coalition.

   3. The bugaboo about LGBT people becoming teachers (in Freedom's Heritage Forum literature–as well as literature printed by the church Freedom's Heritage Forum is linked with (and which I am a walkaway from)–it is claimed that gay men are trying to get into schools so they can rape children as a form of recruitment).

   4. Similar bugaboos about LGBT people adopting (again, in Freedom's Heritage Forum and AFA-KY literature, it's claimed LGBT people adopt in order to “recruit” kids and to have sources of children for sexual abuse)

The evidence we have so far is pretty damning, but again, your help is needed–specifically, if anyone (especially people with experience in voice analysis) can compare these recordings:

BlueGrassReports recording of likely Frank Simon robocall falsely claiming to be from KY Fairness Coalition

Video from AFA-KY containing speech by Frank Simon

Mainly–am I on crack that it was actually Simon himself on the robocalls?  Because, at least to me, it sounds like Simon.

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