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Quote of the day – homo denial all the way

I don't think this one will be topped for a while. After reading news coverage in Clark County, Washington's paper The Columbian on family values Republican state Rep. Richard Curtis, who admitted to police that he had anal sex with 26-year-old male gay escort/porn model (and allegedly requested bareback sex), this is what one true believer left as a comment

2. Comment by Reese MackenzyNovember 01, 2007 @ 01:27 PM 
I'm so sick of the Demrat hypocrites hyping up this story. For God's sake all Rep. Richard Curtis did is receive anal sex from another man. I live in his distict and we support his fight against the homosexual agenda. Most men at one time or another have made love to another dude (whether receptive anal as in Curtis' case or offering another buddy oral as in Rep. bob Allen's case). Big whoop. Both these men have a respectable history of protecting the sanctity of marriage and the assault on our culture by the Demrat homosexual agenda.

There is a big difference between men who have sex with other men for pleasure and still support the sanctity of family values and amoral Demrats who parade around like Barney Frank. Even Larry Craig has raised up wholesome kids and loves his wife, so who cares if he goes down on a guy in a toilet stall. It is about biblical values and raising non-pervert kids (like the Cheney's) and the GOP is still #1 as far as integrity and values. You Demrats are so degenerate and gay that you have to slime people like Curtis with your alternative lifestyle choice.

 Hat tip, Jeff S.

 Open thread…what perversity is out there today?

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