Fighting yesterdays wars so they don’t have to fight todays
Dig him up and kill him again

We just got through with Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week (also known as “the biggest conservative campus protest evah” to “rock” America) and we’re still cleaning up (crushed red Solo cups, crumpled little paper American flags, empty Axe Body Spray bottles, unused condoms, etc.). and now here comes :

Young America’s Foundation Freedom Week!

Thousands of students from over 120 schools around the country are participating in Freedom Week, an initiative designed by Young America’s Foundation in 2003 to advance conservative ideas, honor America’s soldiers, and expose the Left’s antiquated ideology on their campuses.

And if you’re one of the Young Turks at Young America’s Foundation you know just the kind of hip-hop happenin’ young speakers who know how to “get down” and “rap” with the kids (“Wassup! Southeast Missouri State University! Aaaa-ooooo! Wave your trust funds in the air like you just don’t care…because you don’t!”):

Phyllis Schlafly
Michael Reagan
Ken Starr
Ed Meese
John Ashcroft
Bay Buchanan
Ward Connelly
and Tammy Bruce (insert awkward College Republican frat boy hitting on Tammy episode here)

The poster boy for Freedom Week is Che because…well, conservatives fail to appreciate the irony of large corporations placing a royalty-free iconic image of a Marxist on overpriced designer sportswear.

More gratuitous cheesecake…in the interest
of freedom. Yeah. That’s it.

Meanwhile campuses across the country are girding their hallowed halls in anticipation of massive Conservative student protests bringing education and big game week pep rallies to a screeching halt. Should things get out of hand, campus Presidents are prepared to do whatever they must in an effort to re-install order even if it calls for sending in Army recruiters armed with enlistment papers.

That should clear out the commons like a fart in an elevator.

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