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Clapton, Knopfler and more familiar faces…Same Old Blues 

A bit of reading for your weekend:

Mukasey:  Arguably Somewhat Less Craptacular Than The Last Guy For Some.  (As for waterboarding, not funny.  Nope.)

— And The Inner Circle Meets With Mukasey:  We’ll Cover Your Ass If You’ll Cover Ours.  Or “How The Federalist Society Fell Off The Federalist Wagon Into Corruptionville:  A Tale Of Power Corrupting.  Absolutely.”  (H/T to Mad Dogs)

— And speaking of waterboarding, this one is a must read.  (H/T to TeddySanFran for the link.)

Hughes:  Very Droll.

Bush:  Pull My Finger…I Dare You.

Rummy:  Bumperstick This.

Altemeyer:  Stuck In The Right Rut.

Bandar:  No More Pattycake.

Curveball:  C-plus Augustus Finds A Like-Minded Source.  Lovely.  (Juan Cole has more.)

Will To Congress:  Embrace Your Inner Constitution:

Unless and until Congress stops prattling about presidential “usurpation” of power and asserts its own, it will remain derelict regarding its duty of mutual participation in war-making. And it will merit its current marginalization.

Or else. For all of us. (H/T to twolf1 for the link.)

— And finally, two reasons that I love Jim MacDonald (or Yog, depending on how you know him…).  First, the moral high ground is earned, not taken or petulantly demanded.  And, second, some very useful, practical advice on the upcoming cold weather season for those of us who will likely see snow and ice. 

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Christy Hardin Smith

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