An article published in the University of Alabama's student newspaper “The Crimson White” by Greg Michaelson has caused quite a stir on campus. In his article,titled “You can't protect everything”, Michaelson lists reasons why Sexual Orientation shouldn't be included in the university non-discrimination policy. Here is a sampling of the wingnuttery :

If you look carefully at the list of things which the university does not discriminate against, they are all things that one is. They are not things that one does.

In other words, I did not choose to be born male. Nor did I choose to be born white. In fact, with ever more shrill cries for affirmative action, I might have chosen to be born neither.

The policy states that the University does not discriminate based on “race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or veteran status,” according the article.

Each of these affiliations relates to things that a person is. A person is black. A person is female. A person is old. A person is disabled. One doesn't choose to be these things. One simply is.

Though religion isn't something you are, freedom of religion is protected by the First Amendment, so it's there for that reason.

While this point shouldn't have to be made, homosexuality is not something that someone is. It is something that someone does.

And there is always this classic:

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that having sex with people of the same gender makes you less valuable or less able – at least not in this editorial.

Wait.. what? Did he really just say that gay people were 'less valuable' than straight people? oh.. my bad 'not in this editorial'
oh, well then you're good Michaelson, just don't say it in this editorial.

Okay, i know what you're thinking “This isn't news, Zach!” And you're right. I'm not surprised that a college student in Alabama believes this shit. I am, however, surprised that the CW published it. This is a hate filled and ignorant rant near the level of Fred Phelps and his godhatesfags brigade. Michaelson is an idiot, we get that. the Crimson White should be the one apologizing for publishing it.

To be fair, the CW has published many rebuttals to the article which can be found below:

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