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Donna Edwards Rocks the House


We’ve taken in over $70,000 dollars for Donna Edwards over the past 48 hour as a counter-fundraiser to Nancy Pelosi’s support for the regressive, entrenched Al Wynn. If anyone needs more convincing, please watch the above video as Donna eloquently decimates Al Wynn over Iraq, the repeal of the estate tax, bankruptcy, Schaivo, protecting oil and gas companies and other regressive votes that have supported George Bush and kept ordinary Americans from getting health care.

It’s just been announced that Emily’s List is stepping up to the plate, both in supporting Donna and challenging Pelosi and the inside-the-beltway establishment.

Please welcome Donna in the comments, and join with us in giving to her campaign today.

(Thanks to Valley Girl and Dean from the FDL Editorz for the video) 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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