Sunday Five Brothers Blogging – Oh, Mama EditionDeependra, Chandresh, Tungesh, Harshvardhan, and Tagg

Let’s start with Tagg because he’s the oldest and the favorite:

My Mom always taught me growing up that people would judge me by the friends I kept, and that I needed to be careful to develop friendships with people that would help me want to be better. On the campaign trail, I’ve been so gratified by the people who are associated with the Mitt Romney campaign. The staffers, both at the HQ and in the states, are almost universally pretty great people whom I’m proud to have as my colleagues and in many instances, my friends. And the list of endorsers we have compiled is made up of great men and women from across the country whom we’re proud to have on our team. I was in Florida recently with my parents at the Presidency IV convention, and have attached a photo of some of the people that were on the stage with us—Secretary of Agriculture Charles Bronson, Congressman Connie Mack, Congressman Tom Feeney, and Al Cardenas, a leading Florida business person.

That would be this Tom Feeney:

Federal investigators are continuing on Rep. Tom Feeney’s (R-FL) trail. The latest pin to drop — the FBI has asked Florida Today for a video of an interview with Feeney. During the interview, from September of last year, Feeney minimized his relationship to Jack Abramoff to the vanishing point, saying that ““My office has never done anything for Jack Abramoff” and that “he’s never asked us for anything.” (The St. Petersburg Times later found a possible exception to that.)

“We didn’t have any relationship at all with him other than he gave us a contribution” was the kicker.

Feeney, of course, accompanied Abramoff on one of his infamous golf junkets to Scotland in 2003. Feeney was one among three lawmakers on the trip — the other two were ex-Reps. Bob Ney (R-OH) and Tom DeLay (R-TX).

The assumption being that Feeney can help Tagg with his short game and playing out of the rough.

Meanwhile, Craig (the youngest) dresses up like his dad for Halloween:

…and hey! he has a great idea for his wife Mary, she should dress up like his mom!!:

I thought Mary would have made a great Ann, but she was set on Pocahontas

I know that there is this whole kinky/slutty thing going on with Halloween costumes these days, but asking your wife to dress up like your mom?.



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