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Alan “gays should be in the gas” Chambers told the audience of “Life Today” that the opposite of homosexuality is… thats right.. “holiness”… see.. wait, what?

Alan: No, in fact, that only complicates the issue. For so many people, they think the opposite of homosexuality is heterosexuality. If we just fill it with another lust or if we date the opposite sex or look at pornographic images of the opposite sex or get married. When in fact, the opposite of homosexuality is holiness. Heterosexuality won't fix someone. Heterosexuality is a by-product of someone who —

James: Heterosexual problems have to have the same fix.

Alan: Absolutely, it is holiness. We are not called to switch lusts. We are not called to adopt another addiction. We're called to pursue the Lord and to be holy like he is holy and that's the focus.

Whoa.. whoa.. wait.. Alan.. buddy..
You want me to DATE Jesus?

Seriously, this is the way the anti-gay industry sells itself in the market of “godliness”.

Meanwhile at the Ex-Gay Factory:
Lets not say we're trying to change homos into heteros, we'll say we are making them “holy”… yeah. thats the ticket!
Sure, medical science and psychology have refuted our fake “science” of changing sexual orientation. But how can they refute us if we make gays “Holy”?!

Alan, darling…how long till we catch you in a hotel room dressed in lingerie, getting pounded bareback by an ugly gay hooker?



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