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What’s Up with “Radical” Russ’ Show?

So if you’ve been listening the past couple of weeks, you realize that 10/27 was my last show on AM 620 KPOJ.

Whatever shall you do for your weekend dose of radical progressiveness?

Well, all is not lost.  It looks as though I will have a new show.  I will be subbing for Cappy McGarr’s show, XM Satellite 167, from 11am-1pm Pacific, this Saturday.  With luck, I will be taking over that timeslot both on XM and about a dozen terrestrial radio stations.  It’s unclear, however, whether one of those stations will be AM 620 KPOJ, and even if I am on locally, it may be tape delayed until Sunday.  [UPDATE: I will be on AM 620 KPOJ, tape delayed, from 8am-10am Sunday.]

If you don’t have XM, I will be setting up a live stream of the show.  I don’t have it set up yet (too much going on right now), but stay tuned to this space for updates.

In the meantime, you can listen to the recorded version of the show in podcast format.  You can just click the links over in the “Quick Hits” section on the right for a downloadable MP3 of my most recent shows.  For those of you familiar with the iPod / podcasting technology, the updated feed for my shows is at

This website will also be undergoing many changes in the next couple of months… so be patient with me, I’m doing it all myself and I may make a few mistakes.

(Hooray, I’m not off the air!  See?  The whole world’s got a fever, and the only prescription is more Belville!  Gotta have more Belville!)

As always, thanks for listening and supporting my new career. — “R”R

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