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good-news.jpgBecause we could all use a bit of good news every now and then:

— IBM’s figured out how to repurpose old silicon semiconductor wafers into solar cells, which is a very good thing in the midst of the worldwide silicon shortage.

— Got a large hospital, nursing home, or chain of restaurants? Are you a city or municipality looking to get into biodiesel on a small scale with used food-service grease, but don’t have the coin to set up a large plant just yet? The BioBox helps you solve your grease-disposal problems by turning that gunk into biodiesel, which you can then use in your trucking fleets or sell to somebody else.

— The Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are plugging along nearly four years after they landed on the Red Planet on missions that were only supposed to last ninety days. They’ve gone through dust storms, energy starvation, and the general wear and tear to be expected in a hostile environment like Mars, yet are still doing their jobs and doing them well.

Seattle is the first American city to announce that it’s met the targets of the Kyoto protocol for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Sounds like it wasn’t that hard to do, either.

What’s the good news you have to share today?

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