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Squeezing the toothpast back into the tube – comments from the internets

Pam's always good about bringing us actual Freeper comments, so I thought that I would take a different tack here and bring you some of the comments about the “I am not gay” Representative Curtis story from non-freeper sites.


  BY    SEANIBUS    AT 11:11 AM   

Only an elected official would conclude the following:

You give me sex.
I give you $100.
I am not paying you for sex.

because this follows the usual fund-raising logic:

You give me a large campaign contribution.
I give you my vote on your stupid bill.
You are not paying me for my vote. 


  BY    GOPOPHOBE    AT 11:46 AM   

So, did the guy get the gas money? Seems like a simple misunderstanding that accidentally resulted in anal sex. I don't know about how that works with guys, but every time I have “accidental” anal sex with the wife, I am cut off for a couple of weeks.


  BY    SPARTAN128    AT 12:19 PM   

BFD. So the poor schlub likes to dress up in womens' lingerie and get butt-boned by male prostitutes. That's not gay! That's just what they call a slow night in Spokane.


  BY    TRAI_DEP    AT 12:43 PM   

Nothing says, Bring dignity back to politics like a married-with-kids AIDs chasing man in red fishnet stockings and a black sequinned negligee. Because without the sequins? That's so tawdry!


  BY    DAVE J.    AT 12:49 PM   

I think it's safe to say that when your constituents have to ask “wait, was his DNA on the inside or the outside of the condom?” your political career is probably over. 


You can tell the GOP is rich because they have so many closets, filled with such varied and interesting things…


Man, that is so funny. Reminds me of the comedian who said the following as part of his stand-up act (can’t remember whose act it was):


I blew a guy once, but it was only because I needed a ride…okay, okay, that’s not true.  I didn’t need the ride.



By cminus, dark lord of castle nutella

I should work that up into a full-blown song parody.

I’m always up for trying my hand at a filk:


Pay-for-it blowjobs in pale, silky knickers
Anti-gay GOP sex-crazy vicars
Caught all too often in FBI stings
These are a few of my favorite things.


The creepy behavior at daddy-daughter dances
Larry Craig’s awfully wide stances
Mark Foley’s inappropriate text messagings
These are a few of my favorite things


Ted Haggard getting hookers while methed-up and hyper
David Vitter all wrapped up in a diaper
Bob Allen and his twenty buck “misunderstandings”
These are a few of my favorite things


When Pelosi caves
When Reid flinches
When the Democrats just bend
I simply remember my favorite things
Like reading Pam’s House Blend


I wanted to work in Richard Curtis, Jeff Gannon, Ed Schrock, Rudy Giuliani, Thomas Ravenel, Richard and Lindsay Roberts and Gary Aldridge, but there wasn’t room. I hate to say it, but we need a longer song. No, wait, that’s wrong. In a schadenfreude sort of way, I’m actually pretty psyched that we need a longer song.


The legislator initially said that he was “helping out” Castagna with gas money


Okay now that I’ve wiped the tears from my eyes. . . is this a new version of “ass, gas or grass, no one rides for free?”


  How many shades of “holy fucking shit!” can I turn?

Once again, no safety for gays, but I want hot a gay plowing from a very hot hustler and possible porn star while wearing a hot pink dress and pumps.

But, inevitably… he is not gay.

This is becoming a fucking “I Am Not Gay!” Pride Parade.

This is all really going beyond simple hypocracy.

These things stacking up are really exemplifying Savages running comment: When you deny that you are gay and the more that you profess gays are evil, the more that your *only way out* is to put yourself in these in increasingly ridiculous situations. And THEN you have to explain why that doesn't make you gay.


   Damn. I haven't even had coffee yet.

One has a bad hairpiece and the other has a strange headpiece. They make a lovely couple.


   i always wondered why anyone would be a conservative republican.
apparently to get a cock up their ass.

i shall call them dubyasexuals


 Closet cases are becoming a laughing joke in the Republican party while openly gay people are becoming not a big deal in the other parties.

My my how the tide has turned since the last election.


   Let me get this straight…

• Getting one's cock sucked — not gay.
• Sucking cock — not gay.
• Getting one's ass banged while dressed in lingerie — not gay.
• Dropping a load up a manly hustler's ass — not gay.
• Visiting video booths in adult book stores — not gay.

Finally, I can come out to my parents as NOT GAY and stop wasting money on therapy!

There's been so many comments here on his appearance (rug, moustache), I'm surprised nobody has brought up those teeth. Free circumcisions for the uncut among us!


 According to Fox a Respected GOP Legislator was drugged and raped after a shopping trip where he tried on Halloween costumes. Apparently, an ex-convict homosexual activist and suspected illegal alien attempted to steal the Representatives Identification. A bomb was also discovered in the illegal alien's tennis visor. The illegal alien is being detained at Guantanamo Bay while awaiting charges. The Representative and his family are recuperating at the Christ is Lord Theme Park in Vancouver where the Representative and his family dined at the Last Supper Buffet.


   You'd think this would make all of America wake up and realize: “We have seen the perverts, and they are us.”

But no, no…. the holier-than-thou types will continue to point fingers and try to draw lines between “us” and “them” and wrap the mantle of virtue around themselves and their “sin-free” clans.

To paraphrase J.C.: “And why beholdest thou the cock that is in thy brother's ass, but considerest not the 18-inch black buttplug that is in thine own greedy hole?”









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