We call this position “Hanging Curve Over the Heart of the Plate”

Michelle Malkin (vaguely non-white woman-child, raving lunatic, child stalker…that Michelle Malkin) seems to have a thing about schools offering Yoga instruction, in many cases in lieu of PE which has been dropped as a requirement at woefully too many schools. But like so many topics that catch her shiny-object attention span she only has two speeds: benign neglect or Red Bull-fueled ragegasm. Guess which one?

Yoga classes are now a requirement for Needham high -school seniors. To further ease the supposed burden on overworked students, Richards has “asked teachers to schedule homework-free weekends and holidays.” Just what we need to turn around those one in ten schools that are now considered “dropout factories,” huh? Can’t cut it in the classroom? Bend like a bridge, take five deep, slow breaths, and all will be dandy.

Why stop at yoga? Tantric chanting, here we come. And, hey, Kabbalah has done wonders for Madonna. Let’s add hypnotism and acupuncture classes while we’re at it. Hot stone massages? Bonsai tree-clipping? No Relaxation Technique Left Behind!

Actually Michelle might want to try that “bend like a bridge, take five deep, slow breaths” sometime. It certainly couldn’t hurt. But then…but then, Michelle goes a bridge too far:

“A lot of these kids,” lectures Principal Richards, “are being held hostage to the culture.” No kidding. When the New York Times invited one of Richards’s students to recommend stress-reduction techniques, he ended with this suggestion:

“Watch a short clip on YouTube (as long as you are not addicted). The amazing and often funny feats on the site are inspiring and often leave you feeling, ‘Hey I want to do that!’ This is a great attitude to have towards your work.”

Watch feats of stupidity on YouTube.(tb: her emphasis) Yeah, that’ll do wonders for American student achievement.

Sorry, but I have to do it. I just have to

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We have liftoff…sort of:

That may not do much for student achievement, but a whole lot of teenaged girls probably have much better feelings about their self-image after watching it.

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