Fighting them on their playgrounds so we
don’t have to fight them hereWe are at war. With al Kidda

This week:

Officials blamed a wildfire that consumed more than 38,000 acres and destroyed 21 homes last week on a boy playing with matches, and said they would ask a prosecutor to consider the case.

The boy admitted to sparking the fire on Oct. 21, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Diane Hecht said Tuesday. Ferocious winds helped it quickly spread.

“He admitted to playing with matches and accidentally starting the fire,” Hecht said in a statement.

Police did not release the boy’s name. Los Angeles County fire Capt. Michael Brown only would say Wednesday that he was younger than 13.

Last week:

Al-Qaeda fire in California?

Arson suspected. 2003 memo said it could happen

n July 2003, the AP reported: “PHOENIX (AP) — The FBI alerted law enforcement agencies last month that an al-Qaeda terrorist now in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western United States….”


Of course the lefty bloggers at Think Progress mocked Fox News today for digging up the 2003 memo, saying: “Later in the segment, host Steve Doocy acknowledged that in memo, al Qaeda didn’t even mention California. ‘They mention Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming,’ he added.”

Am I the only one who tires of the perpetual smirk on the faces of lefty bloggers, like they know it all when they don’t know a damned thing?

We are at war. With terrorists.

Don Surber must be a very very tired man.

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