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Rite Aid Manager throws out a gay couple

The Edge (Boston) reports that a gay couple was told to leave a Rite Aid pharmacy in D.C.

The incident allegedly took place on Fri., Oct. 12, around 10 p.m., according to a story published Oct. 25 by the Metro Weekly.

 The couple were in the shampoo aisle when, they say, the manager’s voice came on over the PA system, ordering them to “Get out! Get out!

 Why, one asks?

Said Hill, “He was like, ’You guys got to get out,’ and I’m like, ’What am I getting put out for?’”

Continued Hill, “The security guard couldn’t even tell me. He was like, ’I don’t know, that’s just what the manager said. This is private property so y’all got to go.’”

Said Hill, “I was a little bit appalled.” However, Hill added, “I figured I knew somewhat of what the reason was.”

Hill’s thought (and he reportedly had no other rationale offered to him for being escorted out of the story) was that he had been displaying affection publicly to Browne, his boyfriend of the last six months.

The Store manager, Denny Getachew, of the Rite Aid store, located here:

1306 U Street NW
District of Columbia

Took it on himself to decide that they were engaged in inappropriate behavior.  The manager refuses to discuss the incident himself, referring any questions to the company headquarters.

Said Hill, “I got behind him and was holding him.”

Added Hill, “We didn’t make a scene or anything, and then the manager happened to walk by and see us holding each other and he did like a double take.”

In their HRC equality index report, Rite Aid scored very high.

Rite Aid offers more beneftis to SS partners than their competitors (Walgreens and CVS) , and is a rarity among any companies in that they offer full transgender benefits — including surgeries.

All managers and supervisors are required to attend divertiy training that includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

It seems fairly clear to *this* gal that this manager violated company policy and demonstrated tremendous bad customer service.

Rite Aid, as one of the companies that is supposedly supportive of us, would want to know and hear our expression of outrage at this action, and should hear it.

Rite Aid's corporate office contact webpage is http://www.riteaid.c…

Rite Aid's number, if you'd like to call: 1-800-748-3243

The Metro reported that almost two weeks after being ordered out of the store, Hill and Browne had yet to receive an explanation, let alone an apology.

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