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Is it just me, or is Obama just saying anything now?

I saw this over at the VisibleVote08 blog, and thought I should mention it here. Apparently he was on 'Ellen' recently.  I didn't see the episode either, but with all of the brouhaha over his appearance with certain recloseted anti-gay preachers and singers, and his efforts to appease opposing blocs of votes while keeping both,  doesn't a statement like this just come off as somewhat of a 'damage control' item?  For my taste, this just goes to re-inforce the criticism I've heard that he will say and do anything just to get votes.

 Here's a quote from theVisibleVote post:

But word is that he said he is for immediate FEDERAL civil unions. He told her:

“You know what I would do is immediately set up a civil union that is equal in federal rights so that all the states, all the rights that are conferred by the states are the same for gays and lesbians, same sex couples as for any other couple,” he said. “In terms of marriage, what I would do is I would say each religious denomination can make their own decision.”

What do you think?  I'm still not convinced that he wouldn't throw us under the bus if the pressure got too great, but in the words of someone's fictional great-grandmother, “He shore talks purty, don't he?”


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