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No ENDA on House calendar this week

PageOneQ has the news…

ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, has not been included in the calendar for the US House this week, PageOneQ has found. The House will consider, among other business, designating October 2007 as Country Music Month and naming a Miami courthouse, a United States Border Patrol station in California, and Post Offices in New Jersey and Michigan.

Issued by Democratic Leader, Rep. Stenny Hoyer (D-MD), the Weekly Leader is a schedule of bills to be considered before the House and activity on the House floor. The schedule for the upcoming week may be seen here.

Of course the other bit of related business is the news in The Hill that two freshman Dems (Reps. Tim Walz (MN) and Ron Klein (FL) told House Education and Labor panel Chairman George Miller (D-CA) that Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin's amendment that would add transgender protection language to HR 3685 didn't have the votes to pass and so it would not be forwarded to the floor for consideration.

The frosh Dems also expressed that they didn't want to vote for T-inclusion because they were concerned about the political impact on their re-election bids.

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