Picture of Matchstick Man

Noted matchbook collector, James Lileks on staying ahead in a fast-paced world:

Tautologies aside, I’ve noticed this: the more elaborate the grocery store promotion, the less likely I’ll care. If the store has Ten Cents Off Everything Day, I’ll show up. If they ask me to produce paperwork or enroll in a program, forget it.

Later that day column:

But that’s not why I brought this up. Question for any graphic designers among the buzzerati: can you name the Bonus Days typeface? It’s also used in the Littlest Pet Shop toy line. It’s almost seven years old, and I’m surprised to see it’s still out there.

Hey, some people are interested in string theory, others in… string.

Note: I got off of the Lileks beat some time ago when I received an email from him that simply said: “Be happy in life” which I took to be some kind of Curse of the Forehead People. So I thought it best to cool my jets. These days you just can’t be too careful…

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