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mitch_mcconnell_head_shot1.jpgIn TeddySanFran’s recent Late Nite post on Imus, Spocko of Spocko’s Brain noted the following:

The other day (Oct. 8 to be exact). Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan were bragging about how there were smarter than Imus because THEY didn’t apologize for their violent comments directed toward, Democrats, liberals, journalists and Muslims. They were talking about how Media Matters failed to get them fired so obviously they did the right thing and stood by their violent comments and called me a liar, a thief and a coward.

They think that because they brought out the big legal guns and shut down a little blogger that they “won” especially since there were no consequences to them. (Even though the station lost 28 advertisers and about 1/2 million in revenue.)

It gets better:

Spocko notes that the person hiring Imus is Farid Suleman, the Chairman of Citadel broadcasting who is the new owner of ABC Radio/KSFO, Rodgers’ and Morgan’s home base — and that Citadel might not have known of the turmoil that was roiling their planned acquisition:

I don’t think Citadel has an idea just how much Disney protected the people at KSFO. The fact that Disney had several lawyers and crisis PR people who swooped in to save them from themselves in the media is what protected their ass from being fired, that and they were still in the middle of a $2.7 billion dollar deal that they wanted to close to sell ABC Radio to Citadel.

So we have the head of Citadel rehiring Imus even as he’s just finished buying a radio network which harbors and promotes the extreme-right-wing eliminationists working at KSFO — a station so vile that even Michelle Malkin has called them out over a typical Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan rant involving torturing a person with a Sears Diehard battery hooked to his testicles before shooting his head off: “I don’t care if the guy had two thousand felonies, I don’t want the state shooting people for property crimes.

Oh, and KSFO is a San Francisco radio station. Did you hear that, Madame Speaker Pelosi?

Riddle me this, Madame Speaker:

Has Pete Stark (who the Republicans have apparently ordered CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to destroy) advocated that conservatives be “pruned”? KSFO’s Lee Rodgers advocates it for liberals. Has Pete Stark ever said that Rupert Murdoch needs to be lined up and shot? No, but Lee Rodgers and Peter Mulhern say that the NYT’s Bill Keller should be lined up and shot. And not a peep from Wolf Blitzer, much less any Republican, of even mild reproof, much the full-on hissy kabuki they’re doing their worst to stir up.

Yeah, yeah, I know: We hold our Congresspeople and public officials to a higher standard. Or do we?

Not when (h/t to Digby for this) the office of Mitch McConnell — the leader of the Senate Republicans, not some lowly Democratic back-bencher Congressman — leads and orchestrates the attacks and smears on Graeme Frost, a twelve-year-old boy with a medical condition who offended the Republicans by daring to speak out for SCHIP.

Not when John Tanner, who is the chief of the Justice Department’s voting rights section, can say outrageous garbage about Hispanics — and you DON’T hear about it first (or at all) from Wolf Blitzer and CNN (just Google “CNN Tanner” and you’ll see for yourself), but instead from the Brad Blog.

Not when even as they roll out the carefully-coopted and groomed Bobby Jindal to be the publicly-‘diverse’ face of Louisiana’s Republican Party, the real movers and shakers in Louisiana’s GOP are Klansmen and David Duke supporters like Vincent Bruno and radio host Keith Rush.

Tell ya what, Madame Speaker: The next time you get near a microphone, make sure that you ask anyone who mentions Pete Stark why they AREN’T mentioning Mitch McConnell. (You know — the guy in the photo at the top of this post?) Or John Tanner. Or Keith Rush and Vincent Bruno. Then you get to bring it all back around to SCHIP, which is your goal, right?

Come on, now. Fight the real enemy.

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