Sunday Five Brothers Blogging – Special Early Halloween EditionJosh, Tagg, Ben, Matt, and Boof Boneser

Let’s see…the Red Sox are in the World Series and Tagg invokes the dreaded “we“:

A few of you have asked how I was able to watch the debate Sunday night as well as the Red Sox game. I had the hotel tape record the game for me and I watched it early (very early) Monday morning. The hard part was keeping people like Ben Ginsberg from telling me the score. And I started every interview in the spin room after the debate with, “If you tell me the score of the game, you will die. What’s your next question?” My Dad was getting score updates while he was on the stage of the debate, and he got back in time afterwards to watch the magical 7th and 8th innings when we went from a 3-2 (should have been 3-3) lead to an 11-2 romp.

No, Tagg. Unless you were warming up in the bullpen or down in the clubhouse reviewing tape before you were due to pinch hit… you are not part of “we” even if you do have a cool warm-up jacket that you got for Christmas. And put your damn hat on right. Also, would it kill you to buy a fitted instead of an adjustable?

Wife #1 Ann issues boilerplate best wishes to the people of California:

In the course of visiting our son and my brother in California, Mitt and I have always been struck by the strength of character of California’s residents. Californians have faced these types of natural disasters in the past and have demonstrated the strength and determination to persevere and rebuild their homes and lives. The families affected by these fires and the courageous public servants fighting the fires will be in the thoughts and prayers of the Romney family.

Thanks Ann, You still not going to get our electoral votes, but we appreciate the thought.

Fortunately for Matt (who lives in San Diego) he won’t have to demonstrate his strength and determination and perseverance and rebuild his home. That means his neighbors won’t have to put up with looking at the MittMobile up on blocks on his lot for the next nine months.

I would say their prayers have been answered.

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