New bar dress codes target minorities



    Recently, a couple of DeKalb bars have opted to enforce a dress code, making some students, including myself, speculate whether or not there is a deeper motive to erase minorities from the local nightlife.

The dress code, which started earlier this month, banned all baggy clothing at Starbusters, 930 Pappas Drive.

Molly’s Eatery and Drinkery, 1022 W. Lincoln Highway, took it one step further. The pub banned hoodies, do-rags, hats and caps, all baggy clothes, jerseys, large chains, basketball shorts, sleeveless shirts, “bling” and warm-up pants.

Both Molly’s and Starbusters declined to comment for this column.

I’ve got to hand it to them. Both bars have found a way to discriminate against people of color in 2007.

There are plenty of minorities who have committed crimes, but that does not give an accurate depiction of an entire group of people. Nor does it give any establishment the right to attempt to ban certain subgroups.

It would be illegal to ban blacks and Hispanics from any public place, but excluding people who wear baggy clothing, large chains, and do-rags is fine………..

dan l

dan l


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