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Maura Keaney — Jim Himes’ New Campaign Manager


Many in the blogosphere will remember Maura Keaney as Maura in VA, when she backed down the Virginia Legislature’s attempts to require women to report a miscarriage to the authorities within 12 hours or face a $2500 fine and a year in jail.

Then she moved to CT, and others will remember how she confronted Joe Lieberman on camera (Lieberman called her a “plant“). Or how she put Barbara Boxer on notice that yes, Joe Lieberman DID say a “short ride” to another hospital for rape victims who wanted emergency contraception was no big deal.

470794480_e7639f7b681.jpgAnd still others will remember her valiant work on the Ned Lamont campaign.

Maura is one of the most beautiful, smart, articulate, hard-working women I know. And she’s just been named as Jim Himes’ new campaign manager.

She recently attended the DCCC “boot camp,” and sent the above photo with Blue America candidates Jon Powers, Ron Shepston, Dan Maffei, Darcy Burner, Eric Massa, and Jim Himes.

A pretty impressive bunch.

Congratulations, Maura.

This is very exciting.

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