James Hartline’s Shituation

As many of you already know, longtime prison bitch “ex gay” James Hartline has been shrieking and blaming the California wildfires on homosexuals.  The dead-queen-walking has also been going as far as making copycat Fred Phelps remarks, such as “It is coming, surely it is coming after the rebel, the one who shakes the fist at God”.

Of course Hartline knows a LOT about shaking fists…..the ones that have been wrecking up his bum.  Nowadays, he probably can't break wind without shitting all over himself.  The nasty old scarecrow!

Poor James – in prison for most of his adult life, a con artist and fraud, big time drug addict, a burglar, a prostitute, and he blames his irresponsible and criminal behavior on the gays.  He also blames his catching HIV on the gays as well (when it either happened in prison, or at some methed-out orgy).

The best part is a quote that obviously James was thinking of himself when writing (since he talks about himself in third-person 90% of the time anyway):

“The time is short. What will you do in the hour of your own judgment? Who will you blame? The Bible is truth. Yet, have you accepted it? What will you say to God? What will be your excuse? It won't be me.”

Indeed, the time is short for you, James.  What will YOU do in YOUR own judgement?  Who will YOU blame?  I can tell you right now, God isn't going to want to hear you bitching about the homosexuals, and watch you pointing your bony finger at them.  Saint Peter will push the button and eject your conniving ass straight to hell where you belong!  You might be able to lie your ass off and fool the stupid people here on earth, but you can't fool this all-knowing God.  It would be amusing if James could let us know in advance how he plans on talking himself out of THAT shituation!

James, the homosexuals didn't put the meth pipe to your mouth.  They didn't force you to rob people and break into their homes.  They didn't make you sell your ass like it was some rotten piece of meat, and they certainly didn't force you to keep your legs wide open.  You done all of that stuff on your own, James Hartline.  The more you talk, and the more you blame – the more you project your own hedonistic lifestyle.  It's a good thing most gay people aren't as nasty as James Hartline, or else we WOULD have a problem.

So what will YOUR excuse be, James?

It won't be me!

H/T Autumn Sandeen @ Pam's House Blend

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