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Waco, Ruby Ridge… San Diego?

271723968_a1d67e9f24.jpgMatt Stoller is reporting that the environmental groups are being quite responsible in not demagoguing the science of the California fires.

I’m sure we can expect that same kind of responsible decorum from those who manage to drag their knuckles off the floor and place them oh so gently on the keyboard.

Or not.

Bonnie Erbe:

Commentator Mary Mostert, on the conservative Web site RenewAmerica.US/ tries to blame the Sierra Club and forest-preservation policies for California’s wildfires. She writes: “It has been known for many years by those actually involved in the forests that the Sierra Club policies which became public policy in the 1990s under Bill Clinton, would cause exactly the kinds of fires we are now experiencing …. I identified the real culprit in the growing forest-fire problem in an article in 2002 entitled, Our Burning Forests — the Legacy of Radical Environmentalism.” Right, extra trees caused California’s wildfires, not the Southwest drought.

Some anti-environmentalists take a scorched-earth approach toward climate change. Until the planet resembles a lunar landscape they’ll continue denying that greenhouse gases have anything to do with bizarre weather patterns. By then we’ll all be burning in a man-made hell on earth, instead of just those who deserve the roasting.

And then there are those good citizens at Blackwater, who using the opportunity to help them shore up their somewhat faltering public relations image.

Rick Jacobs of the Courage Campaign:

In the midst of the fires out here, Blackwater has the temerity to suggest that had it been in place in East San Diego County, it could have helped put out the fire. They fail to mention that they’d have had untold quantities of munitions on site which would have made a horror into a massive bomb.

Instead of asking the public to help them with their image, how about improving their image by announcing they’re ending the attempt to conquer the East County?

Ah disaster capitalism. The rosy fingered dawn in the midst of any tragedy.

(photo by Bubba Hotep)

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