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Texas: City Councilman offers up candidate's heterosexuality as a selling point in election

Well here we go with the batsh*t insanity. Apparently running on the issues isn't enough for some folks –heterosexuality is apparently a job requirement in the eyes of some folks down in Fort Worth, TX.  City Councilman Chuck Silcox gave what can only be described as an interesting endorsement of Chris Turner, who is running for city council. Turner's opponent is openly gay Joel Burns.  ( Silcox bleated:

“This is an excellent time to have Republicans get out and support a Republican: Chris Turner,” Silcox told a group of about 50 at a Fort Worth Republican Women's Club meeting and a forum for Republican state House District 97 candidates. “We have two people of opposite partisan politics, opposite philosophical persuasions and opposite sexual orientations.

I didn't tell you which one was homosexual,” Silcox said as the crowd laughed. Pointing to Turner, Silcox continued: “He's married to a female, and the other's married to a male. You make your own mind up.”

Burns was saddened, but not surprised, that Silcox stooped so low.

Said Burns, “We live in the state of Texas, and I have a partner that I live with, who is a partner of 15 years.” Added Burns, “It is unfortunate that Mr. Silcox and Mr. Turner want to bring partisanship to a nonpartisan race.”

But according to Silcox, the lack of mention of Burns’ sexuality in the local media is precisely why he wanted to bring it up. Said Silcox, “The Star-Telegram doesn’t talk about it. They don’t put the negative out there.”

The Victory Fund is supporting Joel Burns's bid to become the first openly gay elected official in Tarrant County. His contribution page is  here.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding