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Playing It Safe Or Being A Chicken?

Surgeon General Nominee Holsinger Chooses Not To Participate In Methodist Court Meeting

The Worldwide Faith News and the Washington Blade are reporting that…

Dr. James HolsingerJames W. Holsinger Jr., president of the United Methodist Judicial Council and President George W. Bush’s nominee for U.S. Surgeon General, has decided to not participate in the council’s Oct. 24-27 meeting.

What? Did he have the feeling that all eyes were going to be upon him if he went to this meeting?

Rev. Drew PhoenixThe Judicial Council, the denomination’s top court, will be meeting in San Francisco. Among issues to be addressed will be the case of a pastor who switched gender from female to male.

“As is always the case, members of the Council will travel thousands of miles to attend this meeting and have spent untold hours studying and praying in preparation,” the statement said. “In order to maintain the integrity of the proceedings of the Judicial Council and in order for Council members to focus solely on the cases in front of them, I have chosen not to participate in the meeting.”

…”While I remain dedicated to fulfilling the role to which I was elected, I believe this is a time in which my service to the Council can best be demonstrated by my absence.”

Well, why would that be?

Bush nominated Holsinger to serve as the 18th surgeon general on May 24. He testified before a Senate committee in July and came under fire for a 1991 paper he wrote on homosexuality. He has said the paper was written for a denominational committee and does not reflect his position today.

Holsinger, 68, a professor of preventative medicine at the University of Kentucky and a former leader of that state’s health care system, has been active at all levels of The United Methodist Church. Click me and here me sing 'In The Mood'Gay and lesbian groups and others have criticized the council’s homosexuality-related decisions as well as his 1991 paper.

Could it be that he now doesn’t want to touch an LGBT issue because that homosexuality paper — and how that’s affecting his Surgeon General nominination? Would a new decision on an LGBT issue could cause new LGBT problems? Could it be Dr. Holsinger is taking the chicken way out? 

Mmm…Could be.

No wonder his nomination is on life support.

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