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North Carolina numbers for Neal and DSCC skullduggery

Public Policy Polling has numbers up on Elizabeth Dole challenger Jim Neal, a local businessman, who announced that he was running to win, and said matter of factly that he's an out gay man.

Dole vs. Neal
Dole 47%
Neal 32%

Neal performs similarly to other Democrats that lack statewide name recognition. His results are similar to Grier Martin, Kay Hagan and Jerry Meek. Dole is still below the 50% mark.

And here's bad news for the GOP in NC. Tar Heels have had it with Bush and Dole:

Bush Job Approval
Approve 36%
Disapprove 59%

Dole Job Approval
Approve 44%
Disapprove 41%

Right-track/Wrong-track USA
Right direction 26%
Wrong track 67%

Right-track/Wrong-track North Carolina
Right direction 37%
Wrong track 47%

People feel significantly better about North Carolina than they do about the whole country, but neither is very positive.

Vote for Governor
Democrat 45%
Republican 38%

Vote for President
Democrat 44%
Republican 40%

This state could swing blue, but it's going to be close. Of course this is a generic poll. Slip one of the clown car occupants into the GOP slot and I'm sure that number will go down.


In more interesting and slimy news, one of the Democrats who mulled a run, state senator Kay Hagan, held back because the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was attempting to recruit Grier Martin, who declined to run. Now, the rumblings are that Hagen —out of the blue — is thinking of getting back in — which, of course, would force a Dem primary. Anglico at BlueNC smells a rat:

It's sad to see all the power elite getting uppity when they don't get to hand pick their “boy” in North Carolina. Kay had every chance in the world to make this run months ago. She passed. Now it appears that the only real question is how much it takes to buy the reluctant candidate? From where I sit, the DSCC's track record in North Carolina doesn't even rise to the level of pathetic.

Could it be TEH GAY scaring Chuck Schumer at the DSCC?

The DSCC couldn't even manage to put Jim Neal on its web site as Liddy's challenger. Still no update. You can ask why they haven't added him to the page here.

* NC: Out gay Dem runs to unseat Elizabeth Dole in U.S. Senate

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