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Larry “Wide Stance” Craig had legal counsel that ended four days before his toe tapping arrest

So….he had consulted with lawyers.

“Craig, who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct following his arrest in a June 11 police sting at an airport men's room, hired Washington lawyer Billy Martin and public relations executive Judy Smith in late January or early February, spokesman Dan Whiting said Wednesday.”…

He had hired counsel to combat the Idaho Stateman's investigation into his rumored sexuality. And he let them go just four days before he went TP fishing in the MSP mens room.

If it were me and I had an existing relationship with a lawyer and I was arrested for something, I think a call to that lawyer would be at the top of my To Do list…but not LC!

How did this man, with extremely poor judgement, ever get elected (repeatedly) to the Senate? 

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