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'Ex-gay' McClurkin's alleged lover: I was with him after he prayed away the gay

OMG. Looks like a bit of a PR problem… Journalist Clay Cane has an exclusive interview with an alleged former lover of recloseted homosexual anti-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. Well, perhaps he isn't so “ex-gay”, as the man alleges he had a sexual encounter with McClurkin long after he claimed to have prayed away the gay. Clay Cane:

In this revealing interview “Rob” details his relationship, or as he described, “roller coaster ride” with the “We Fall Down” hit maker from 2001 to 2004, which is ironically during the height of McClurkin's anti-gay rants and calls for conversion. How they met, his status in the gospel industry, their sex life, why he stayed and why they ended it. Plus, their last encounter in March 2007.

The full interview can not be made public, some things I had to leave out such as other artists in gospel who are gay, but have not made anti-gay rants and a relationship with an R&B legend who as, “Rob” said, married a “bisexual”, famous pastor. I only wanted to focus on the relationship with McClurkin and no one else. I am presenting a story for people to make up their own minds.

How long were you guys being sexual?
Off and on for three years, 2001 to 2004.

During this time to 2001 to 2004 is really the height of his anti-gay rants. The book came out, he made comments, he told the New York Times in 2002 he’s counseling adolescent boys to convert them from homosexuality. Would you hear about these rants?
Every time I’d read an article in Ebony or Jet, or whatever, I’d just hear it—I’d get upset and we’d always have an argument about it. He said, “I told you.” I said, “It’s crazy. What you’re doing is crazy. You’re writing this stuff, but yet you’re still doing it.” I said, “I have a problem with that. What’s wrong with you?” He said, “I have a problem.”

What do you think he meant by “I have a problem”?
It’s something he just can’t control. He feels that he has to say that to please people. He said, “I don’t want people to believe that I’m still doing it.”

Do you think being violently homophobic was the key to his success? There are so many gay people in the gospel music industry. Why did he have to be so—
So like he was?

Yeah—so like he is! Even right now…
It seems like every time he was attacked in the media, or word was getting around, it just seemed like it made him even madder. He had attacked gays, the lifestyle, when something was written about him—one lady wrote an article, “The Sins of Donnie McClurkin”, I mean, it was scathing. It’s since gone now, I tried to find it today and Keith Boykin, he’s written some things. Every time somebody would do that he would counterattack. The articles, the hearsay would make him just go crazy and he was not fun to be around. One time we met and it was him sitting in a bed Indian style and me sitting in the hotel chair looking at TV. No sex, no nothing…

There is so much more over at Clay's pad, including details about Donnie's “johnson,” role playing, and who liked being the bottom. Uh oh.

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