Pre-Friday Random Ten
I got it bad for the new girl in school,
The guys are flippin’ but I’m playin’ it cool.
Everybody’s passin’ notes in class,
They really dig her now she’s such a gas.

How Fortunate The Man With None- Dead Can Dance
Blues From A Gun – The Jesus and Mary Chain
Tecumseh Valley – Nancy Griffith
The Host of the Seraphim – Dead Can Dance
Dennis and Lois – Happy Mondays
New Girl In School – Alex Chilton
Unless It Kicks – Okkervil River
Feeling Of Gaze – Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
In The Street – Big Star
Divine Thing – Soup Dragons
Uno mas : Jeepster – T-Rex

The Host of Seraphim from Baraka

Also, I don’t remember who it was that sent me the Brahms: Cello Sonatas CD sometime ago, but thank you once more. I put it on every night just before I turn out the light.

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