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To the Phones, Batman!

obamahillarywinmcnamee.jpgIn the wake of the completely chickenshit statements from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton regarding whether or not they would agree to filibuster FISA — with holes so big you could drive a truck through — it’s clear that both are passively helping the telecoms to jam this through while taking credit for quote-unquote “opposing” it.

As Atrios says, to the phones. Call the offices of Obama and Clinton and ask them to give a simple, Biden-esque answer to the question — will you support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity to the telecoms?

* Clinton Presidential: (703) 469-2008

* Clinton Senate: (202) 224-4451

* Obama Presidential: (866) 675-2008

* Obama Senate: (202) 224-2854

This kind of mealy-mouthed equivocation allows the telecoms to twist arms and build momentum behind the scenes. A clear statement, on the other hand, puts pressure on the judiciary committee and on other senators to declare themselves.

If they want to take a position as unabashed corporatists, this is the way to do it. On the other hand, if they want to stand in the tradition of Bobby Kennedy and Chris Dodd and say “no more” to enabling corporate criminals, they know what to do.

And by the way, Senator Obama? You can only oppose something if you actually show up to do it. While we realize your social calendar is a bit crowded these days, I think you’ve gone to that well once too often. In a world of gray-haired ancients, the presence of someone young and strong such as yourself on the Senate floor for a filibuster would be a welcome addition to this fight.

Glenn Greenwald has more. Stoller and Howie too.

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