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Random “Ex Gay” Facts

Here's some things I've noticed about “ex gays” over the years:

* Most “ex gays” never marry a woman, much less date one.

* Most “ex gays” yap about how gays should become straight “for procreation”, yet none of them have children of their own.

* Some “ex gays” go as far as claiming “all gays are pedophiles”…..right before filling out adoption papers.  What does that say about THEM?  Does that mean they're “ex pedophiles”?  If that's the case, being an “ex pedophile” doesn't change anything.

* Most “ex gays” are untreated drug addicts.

* When most “ex gays” “leave the gay lifestyle” as they say, they move in and live with their mom, which also means these losers operates as an “ex gay” from their parents home.  Obviously these particular “ex gays” wants to be babied and told what to do all their lives, which is likely the reason they have joined Exodus or whatever group.  Sad.  Can you say “Norman Bates”?

* Many “ex gays” are eventually caught in homosexual activity.

* Only a couple well-known “ex gays” are married to women.  Those men have confessed that it was years before they even so much as kissed the fag hag or lesbian they married.  If they do have children, in most cases, they adopt – because they've never had sex.  And they expect all gay people to just up and get into a fucked up lonely relationship like THAT?

* Even a MacDonalds fry cook can drop everything and become an “ex gay/sexual reorientation therapist”, as there's no such thing as a true “sexual re-orientation therapist”.  Most “ex gay therapists” have no education and have spent time in prison – if they do have a degree, it was bought online, and is invalid to everyone but “christian” organizations.  All that “christians” require of these guys is they must have a seething hatred towards gays, and enjoys dealing in physical and mental abuse against them.  The crazy thing is “christians” use these quacks research as “SCIENTIFIC FACT”!

* All “ex gays” quote and support the works of Paul Cameron – falsified scientific studies.  Cameron has also called for the extermination of gays, or in the least, a tattoo branded on the faces of homosexuals with HIV.  By using his research and calls for extermination, “ex gays” are guilty of calling for the killing of gays and lesbians.  Call it what you want, but that's what they're saying.

In short, the “ex gays” use intimidation tactics, calling for the killing of gays while jacking off some guy in a bath-house.  They're basically saying “either you go into re-orientation therapy, or we and the christians will make your life a living hell, and we will do what we can to make life miserable for you”.

What's fucked up is too many gays are following these nutballs around, kissing their asses and trying to make them comfortable so they won't go into another anti-gay tirade.  And that's a waste of time, because they're going to do it anyway!  Two-faced treacherous Alan Chambers does it all the time!  You'd think the gay community would learn by now.

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