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Black media ignores the Obama / anti-gay recloseted McClurkin controversy

No surprise, no progress — black LGBTs don't exist in publications geared to the black community. Even with a controversy of this magnitude that shines a bright light on an issue that desperately needs discussion — homophobia in the black church — there's a “blackout.” Rod McCullom spells it out:

It should also be no surprise to discover a news blackout (pun intended) across major black news media and strong Obama supporters such as the Chicago Defender, WVON and EUR. Leading black gospel and Christian sites also ignore the story. EURweb's gospel site reported and promoted the concert series but reports nothing on the current controversy. Gospel City, one of the most popular black gospel music portals, reported the concert series and also advertises upcoming concerts by McClurkin and Walker, but, is silent on the current controversy.

The black non-response is to be expected, given the hisoric black church's uneasy relationship with the many black gays who pack the church choirs on Sunday mornings. “I long for the day when blacks gays and lesbians stop supporting their music,” Darian Aaron writes in his post on the McClurkin backlash. Aaron is a young black gay activist, blogger, and  contributor to Clik, and also grew up in the Pentecosal Church. “And find the courage to walk out of the churches that turn a house of prayer into  a house of pain.” It's a good that chuches such as Kendal Brown's Church of the Open Door and Kevin E. Taylor's Unity Fellowship Church have welcomed black gay men and lesbians.

It will be interesting to see whether the Obama campaign decides to meet with the National Black Justice Coalition to discuss this debacle, since the organization sent the presidential candidate a letter on Monday asking for a dialogue to be opened. Had Obama's campaign bothered to pick up the phone and dial NBJC, or heaven forbid, any black gay activists or bloggers, they would have known not to set themselves up for this PR nightmare.

Oh wait, that would have required common sense. My mistake.

UPDATE: If you want to listen to my appearance on the Michelangelo Signorile show on Sirius Out Q yesterday, where we discussed the whole dustup, click here or the player below (thank you David Guggenheim!).

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