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The Russ Belville Show… Stay of Execution from the Guv?

This Saturday, October 27, is the last guaranteed episode of The Russ Belville Show to be broadcast on the terrestrial airwaves (you can listen in at from Noon-2pm Eastern).  My prize for winning the talk radio contest was a contract for a one-year, nationally syndicated talk radio show.

Other than never seeing a contract, being broadcast “nationally” on just one station in Portland, OR, and getting cut after only six months, it’s been great.  😉  Seriously, it’s a dream come true, and I need not retell all the crazy corporate details involving Center for American Progress, Clear Channel Radio, Jones Radio Networks, and AM 620 KPOJ that are contributing to my demise.  Suffice to say, it ain’t the content, it ain’t the host, it ain’t a lack of fans, and it ain’t a dearth of advertisers.

Thanks to everyone who’s listened and called and written emails to KPOJ to keep my show (it’s not up to them, it’s Jones’ show).  They are really stunned at the volume of emails they are getting that say “Keep Radical Russ!” and describe me as the best thing on weekend morning radio since sliced bread (which really doesn’t work as a metaphor, since you can’t hear sliced bread).

But all hope may not be lost.  My producer in DC just emailed me to ask if I would mind moving my show to 2pm-4pm Eastern and originate the show from a studio in my home.  (Sleep in two hours and work in my underwear?  Sign me up!)  With the move and the self-origination, he’ll not only be able to keep me on KPOJ, but also possibly XM Satellite and a dozen other terrestrial stations nationwide.


We’ll see what happens.  Worst case scenario, this all falls through and I become a self-syndicated internet-radio star.  I’m not going to stop talking into a mic; I may just have to start with a smaller audience.

Thanks again for your support.  And if you want to call in to my final (?) show, call 866-557-7377.

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