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City of Aurora CO, Pat Bennett might become 1st Transwoman on City Council

  I believe she has a shot at winning.

Welcome to Pam Bennett for Aurora City Council

  I am running for Aurora City Council because I want to help Aurora achieve its full potential as a world class city. I have a very diverse background and can bring many resources to the challenges ahead. I will use the strength and experience that I have gained to help the City of Aurora address its variety of challenges during the next four years. Aurora is emerging as a major U.S. city. We find ourselves at a crossroads where we must find the critical balance between economic growth and quality of life.

I earned a Bachelors degree in Resource Development which gives me the background that is needed to understand the complexities and impacts of development and the need to maintain and protect public lands. I continued my education while serving in the Air Force. Following an Honorable Discharge, I returned to Aurora where I worked as an engineer in the aerospace, electronics, and oil and gas industries. I appreciate the value of strong business and good jobs to the community.

I have now focused my efforts on serving our community. In addition to my work with various non-profit organizations, I am a member of the Aurora Veterans Affairs and Cultural Affairs Commissions. I have been active in local politics for several years, working as a county precinct person and as a Legislative Volunteer for State Representative Morgan Carroll.

I hope that you will visit my Issues page, send me your comments and concerns, and get involved! 

I will vote for her, not only because she is a transwoman, but she has goals for this great city.  And speaking of great things in the city of Aurora,

Sunday, September 02, 2007
Aurora’s Ultimate Undercover Cop

The Rocky Mountain News tells the story of Aurora police officer Rick Grahn’s journey to becoming Renee Grahn.

It’s really fascinating. The Aurora PD and its former Chief, Rick Bennett, deserve some major credit for how they adjusted to Grahn’s transgenderism and came to accept it. Bennett’s first reaction was to study up on “gender identity disorder.” He had Grahn meet with all of the officers and answer their questions. He told the officers they were to treat Grahn with respect.

Grahn later underwent gender reassignment surgery in Trinidad. She’s still on the force.

Another nice touch in the article is the way Grahn is referred to as “he” until the part where he undergoes the surgery. Thereafter, the article refers to Grahn as “she.”

It’s a very thorough article, and considering all the people interviewed for it, must have been a difficult one to write. Rocky reporter Chris Barge did a good job.

Posted at 10:27 pm by Jeralyn Merritt

I know there are quite a few of us here in Aurora, CO.  I think it would be great to have Susan Stanton here working for the city.  I think I will send her an E mail.

  BTW, Pam Bennett’s election is November 6, 2007. I will post the results.

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