Michelle Manchu and The Yellow PerilIslamomexisinofacists at the gates

Harkening back to her Our Lady of The Internment Camp days, Michelle Malkin decides she no likee Chinee either:

Asian-American groups don’t like the increased public scrutiny that Hillary Clinton’s mysterious Chinese dishwasher donors are getting.

To which I say, in words that should be universally understood: Boo-freaking-hoo.

In the wake of eye-opening investigations by the New York Post and Los Angeles Times of more dubious foreign funny money flowing into Hill’s coffers, ethnic grievance organizations are stepping forward to condemn these stories as examples of “negligent journalism.” Yep. The newspapers are guilty of “negligence” because they actually broke news instead of covering it up.

Both papers uncovered dishwashers, cooks and other suspect Hillary campaign contributors in New York’s Chinatown, Flushing, the Bronx, and Brooklyn who were limited-income, limited-English-proficient and smellier than stinky tofu.


If it’s “ethnic profiling” to be extra-careful of Chinatown donors who can’t speak English, live in dilapidated buildings, have never voted, can’t tell Hillary Clinton from Hunan Chicken or simply can’t be found, then “ethnic profiling” should be the standard procedure of every responsible campaign.

To be clear, anyone with a funny non-Murican name or is two shades darker than Hugh Hewitt should be regarded with suspicion.

Every morning Malkin must scare the hell out of her kids when she stumbles into the bathroom, looks into the mirror, and screams and claws at scary foreigner looking back at her.

Then she makes toaster waffles.

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