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Mayor Giuliani tells Transgender Joke At Republican Debate

In arguing against a federal marriage amendment, Mayor Giuliani pointed out that he married 210 couples when he was mayor of New York, and…well, here’s the joke directly from the debate transcript:

Mayor Rudy GiulianiI do not believe under the state that we presently exist, with the Defense of Marriage Act and basically one state that has by judicial fiat created same-sex marriage — and they’re wrong, by the way; I think the governor is absolutely right — I don’t think we need a constitutional amendment at this point.

What I said to Mr. Perkins — which I also said five years ago and have consistently said — is if a lot of states start to do that, three, four, five, six states, where we have that kind of judicial activism, and the kind of situation the governor is talking about actually occurs, if we’re dealing with a real problem, then we should have a constitutional amendment.

I did 210 weddings when I was mayor of New York City. So I have experience doing this. They were all men and women.


I hope.



GIULIANI: You got to give me a little slack here. It was New York City, you know, but it’s not just a religious institution.


There’s a lot of stigma that would be attached to a candidate joking about ethnicities, women, the disabled, or military veterans — without expecting the media to rip the candidate apart for insensitivity, but apparently there’s not a significant stigma attached to joking about transgender people getting married. Apparently, no matter what I do, no matter how productive a productive citizen I am, Giuliani apparently will thik it’s funny to joke about *me* really being a man.

As a transwoman, I’ll remember that joke — and I’ll especially remember it when it comes time to vote.

Leave it to a girl to take the fun out of sex discrimination.
Bill Watterson (writing for Calvin in “Calvin and Hobbes”)

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