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Bush Dog Go Home


One of our best shots at beating a Bush Dog this election cycle might well be in Blue America candidate Mark Pera’s race against anti-choice Democratic incumbent Dan Lipinski. As Markos says, “you’ll be really excited for Lipinski if you love nepotism and carpetbagging”:

Lipinski won his seat in 2004 after his father, Rep. William Lipinski, decided not to run for reelection after having won the Democratic primary. In a move that has not sat well with some Democrats, the younger Lipinski, a political science professor in Tennessee who had not lived in the state for years, was nominated to replace his father with no opposition.

Pera has been working really hard and seems to be on a roll. Says Howie Klein:

In the most recent quarter, Mark outraised Lipinski, $100,000 to $75,000. And $30,000 of Mark’s total, more than the difference between the two came via ActBlue. While Lipinksi was raking in the dough from the Chicago Machine and Inside the Beltway lobbyists. In fact, one of Lipinksi’s donors was Louisiana Republican Rep. Richard Baker’s Back America’s Conservative PAC, which normally just gives to GOP incumbents but in this case has chosen to give to a Democratic incumbent who, at least when the chips are down, votes with the GOP.

The Chicago Tribune has an article on the Pera/Lipinski race which includes interviews with Howie and Stoller, who respond with predictable subtlety.

You can donate to Mark Pera on Blue America here.

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