Girding their loins with bluster and spittle

It’s a pretty safe bet that by tomorrow morning all of the war apologist/dead-ender/chickenhawk bloggers will be out in full force to attack Valerie Plame over her 60 Minutes interview. Perhaps this will take them off of their incipient “Crucify Pete Stark” crusade. Who knows, maybe they’ll divide and pretend to conquer and then exchange clumsy and awkward high fives afterwards.

Now we could rehash the whole affair when they claim she wasn’t covert (even though she was) but honestly, you’re not going to change the minds of people who think that the war is going swimmingly well and that every dead Iraqi was probably a terrorist anyway…including the children. Remember – these people are idiots.

Therefore just go buy the book because it is a simple fact of life that when you can’t reason with a person, it’s best just to tell them to “fuck off” and then go on your merry way.

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