Jesus of Baton Rouge

It’s Sunday morning and, since it doesn’t look like Saint Ronnie is going to rise from the dead, the Republicans have got themselves a new Messiah:

Louisiana elected its governor on the first ballot for the first time in recent memory, and the voters sent a message to the corrupt Democratic machine at the same time.


The state itself still suffers from the endemic corruption left behind by the Democrats who still dominate the state bureaucracies. If he can clean up Louisiana and return New Orleans to health and safety, Jindal may get a lot more attention in eight years as a Republican candidate for the White House — and at 44, he could electrify conservative politics in 2015.

Then there is this:

In 2012 or 2016 could he be the Republican nominee for president?

Which is to say they don’t have a very deep bench but, still, Jindal is willing to pander so he already had a major league stroke…

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