17_show_portrait.jpgAnd Glenn Beck’s show goes from merely shitty to really creepy:

BECK: OK, Michael, sex preventative? Does it prevent sex from 11- year-olds?

MICHAEL GRAHAM, FORMER GOP CONSULTANT: Hey, you know, parents are going to beat up and abuse their children. I say we just give them Band- Aids and helmets so they don`t do any long-term damage while it`s going on, because you can`t stop it.

This is the dumbest thing I`ve ever heard. There`s no crime you can prevent completely, but it is impossible, Glenn — and believe me, I`ve tried — to touch an 11-year-old kid sexually and not commit a crime. This is criminal behavior.

And I`ve read 500 stories on this today. Not one of them uses the phrase “sexual assault,” which is what the state of Maine calls it when an 11-year-old is having sex.

I just…I’m speechless.

(via My Two Sense

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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