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Discrimination Against LGB Folk And Atheists Could Cost Boy Scouts $199,999.00

Philadelphia has laws and policies against discrimination — specifically, Fair Practices Ordinance. This ordinance includes protections for LGB people and non-theists.

Boy ScoutsWell, officials for the Cradle of Liberty Council have said they can’t renounce the Boy Scouts’ policy of not allowing atheists or openly LGB parents, leaders, or scouts without violating their charter with the Boy Scouts’ National Council.

And, if they want to keep their headquarters at their same location it is now, it will cost the local council $199,999.00 a year. Here’s the story:

The Boy Scouts of America’s refusal to bend its rules to permit gay scouts will cost the organization’s local chapter $200,000 a year if it wishes to keep its headquarters in a city-owned building on Logan Square.

Boy ScoutRepresentatives of the Boy Scouts of America’s Cradle of Liberty Council were notified that to remain in their 79-year-old landmark headquarters, they needed to pay the city a “fair market” rent, Fairmount Park Commission president Robert N.C. Nix said Wednesday. Currently, the rent is $1 a year.

The city decided on the rent proposal after it was unable to reach a compromise with the local scout council in talks that have gone on since May.

“Once we know what the Cradle of Liberty Boy Scouts want to do, we’ll probably want to weigh in with the city about how to proceed,” Nix told the park commission.

Barring a resolution, the Cradle of Liberty Council – about 64,000 scouts in Philadelphia and parts of Delaware and Montgomery Counties – must vacate the property at 22d and Winter Streets after May 31.

Anti-gay and anti-atheist Boy Scout apologists aren’t likely pleased. I’m sure we’ll see reactions that highlight their belief this decision indicates Philadelphia’s “total intolerance for Christian beliefs and values” in some numbers soon.

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