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Blogging Mistake #74: Your Blog Is Not Your Therapist


There’s a nice contrast to be had between Anestine Bentick (above), a Boston healthcare worker who was taken off her job to listen to anti-union propaganda while her patients wandered into the street, and Paul Levy, CEO of Beth Israel, who seems to be coming off his rails a bit.

From Levy’s blog, and a post entitled “Do you respect me more or less?”

I don’t see any of this or my other comments as anti-union or unreasonable, but anyone is free to disagree. To me, what is more striking is the silence on the part of my colleagues from other hospitals, the insurance companies, and the business leaders in the state. Civic leadership demands that corporate and institutional leaders be clear where they stand on major issues of the day. And this is one. The SEIU has made it clear that it is targeting all of the Boston hospitals for organizing efforts. Dear colleagues, if you support what it is doing, please say so publicly. If you do not, now would be a good time to be heard. I know what you are saying privately, in the confines of those business meetings and board rooms . . . but it doesn’t mean squat if you are not saying it to your elected representatives, the media, and the public. The SEIU is counting on your intimidated silence as a form of complicity. So far, you are squarely in the union’s camp.

Oh Paul, I know you’re new to this blogging thing, but it’s not for the emotionally needy. Go buy one of those dime store diaries to transcribe all those personal insecurities, or better yet, just pull the petals off a daisy (“they love me, they love me not…”) and leave no written record.

Beth Israel had $39.1 million in income from hospital operations last year, and gains from investments and other revenue put their total profit at $62.5 million (pdf). It’s really not too much to ask that during any labor negotiation people like Anestine Bentick be allowed to remain focused on their patients and not have hospital revenue used to force them to listen to paid union-busting hacks.

As chic as the modern hospital gown is, it’s probably not fashion appropriate to the average boulevard.

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