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SCHIP Veto Override Fails

222369.jpgHouse fails to override veto on SCHIP, 273-156.

Which should surprise absolutely nobody, there was no way that the Democrats could do this without the help of Republicans, and as we all know there is nothing more important in this administration than the Preznit’s swollen and fragile ego. The GOP was verily threatening to staple their nuts to the floor if they flipped and humiliated him, so they just had to sit there and take the hammering of a $1.5 million ad campaign tying them to this unpopular president and his pathological callousness.

As important as passage of this bill was, our campaign to put pressure on Democrats was really about something else — about letting them know that there are certain things it means to be a Democrat, and supporting healthcare for kids is one of them. And that they could expect serious pressure from the left if they try to sell out their constituents.

The roll call is here. The only two Democrats who voted “nay” were Taylor and Marshall (who was probably still in afterglow from his bigot embrace with Georgia ID voter suppression legislation author Erick Erickson).

By the way Jim, cavorting with racists and a wink-wink to Jim Crow as a way to curry favor with wingnut voters is not acceptable within the Democratic party, either.

Good luck with your primary.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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