doddpix.JPGWhen I was Chris Dodd’s guest on Air America last week, I asked him if he’d be willing to filibuster the FISA bill that is making its way through the Senate if it granted retroactive immunity to criminals in the telecom industry. He said it might well come to that. But now that it has the support of so many Senate Democrats, they’d never hold even 40 votes. The only way to stop it now, as Big Tent Democrat is recommending, is to put a “hold” on the bill, which any Senator can do (Ron Wyden did it last year on the anti-net neutrality bill).


Dodd’s uniquely placed to do something. He isn’t a current frontrunner, but he is respected enough and enough of an insider that he can get on the teevee a bit. He has made these issues a relatively central part of his campaign. And, what do you know, he’s actually in the Senate.

He can put a hold on this, and then take the case to the public. I don’t know why Democrats think they need to stand with Mr. 24%, but it’s time for other Democrats to make them defend why they feel the need to do so.

There’s a great diary up over at Kos with contact information for Dodd’s campaign (if you’re a Kossack please hit “recommend,” it’s a terrific idea).

We took a poll last week of Democratic 08 hopefuls and Dodd came in at 6%. Just curious — how many of you would switch your vote to Dodd if he did something stand-up like this, and said “no more” the administration’s slavish, corporatist lawlessness?

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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