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Stalkin’ Malkin and the Drooling Fanboys at the Washington Post

malkin lays an eggDigby brings up a good point — beltway media have been strangely silent on the subject of Stalkin’ Malkin and whether her actions “hurt” Republicans, because basically nothing, as we know, ever hurts Republicans.

So I decided to take a look at the ComPost, home of Malkin’s most slavish sycophant Howard Kurtz. Indeed, Kurtz is the only one who bothered to address the fact that Malkin went to the home of a brain injured 12 year-old for the purpose of harassing him and getting his medical insurance cut off:

Helena, Mont.: I think there is a difference between criticizing one party’s symbol for an issue and the level of venom that was directed at the Frosts — they were criticized for not going bankrupt in order to pay their medical bills, for Pete’s sake. Michelle Malkin published their address and telephone number on her blog so more people could harass them. At what point do you say to criticize and at what point do you make the point that someone has gone too far in their criticism?

Howard Kurtz: The Baltimore Sun also published a picture of the Maryland family’s house and asked for their tax returns, which the Frosts declined to provide. Is that a mean-spirited attack or plain old reporting?

How many times did Kurtz discuss the MoveOn ad, which evidently wiped the Democratic party from the face of the earth? The Post’s archives indicate eighteen times.

I’ve got some bad news for Kurtz: she’s just not that into you.

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