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Bush Dog #3, Bob Etheridge, Flips on SCHIP

url.jpegThree down, two to go:

Representative Bob Etheridge notified the press today that he will vote to override Bush’s veto of the child health bill tomorrow. This follows Representative McIntyre’s switch on Monday of this week. Now I feel really guilty about being so critical of their earlier votes against the bill. Actually not, but I’m ecstatic they’ve decided to do the right thing.

Meanwhile Jim Marshall crawls into the lap of Erick Erickson, author of the Georgia Voter ID law meant to suppress African-American votes. I’d call Marshall’s attempt to suck up to Erickson dog whistle bigotry for white southern voters but I don’t think the racism is that subtle.

The man needs a primary. Badly.

UPDATE: You helped us run newspaper ads and local phone calls to flip these votes. But we’re still $3.5k short of covering our (your!) $10k investment. Please help out if you can by giving here. — Pach

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